Human Resources Support.

Human Resources Support

HR issues consume an immense amount of time and energy for any organization leader. Hiring, training, personnel policies, remuneration, interpersonal conflict and discipline can use up an inordinate amount of resources and at times, good will. It is also one of the most regulated areas in an organization both in terms of labour relations and board responsibility. SMG can help with some of the heavy lifting that can impact on a CEO’s success or failure. We can help with job postings, short-listing, candidate search and screening, conflict resolution, sexual harassment investigations, policy development, health and safety compliance and workplace cultural audits. Small investments in human resources support have immense returns in terms of employee engagement and motivation and mitigating legal costs and payouts.

An organization is at its best when the workforce – your employees – enjoys job satisfaction and have the sense that the leadership is competent, fair and caring. Timely action on HR is key.

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